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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:37

Bozüyük Midwives Week Celebration Program

Bozüyük Midwives Week Celebration Program
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Bilecik Bozüyük County because of a program at the State Hospital Midwives Week was held.

Bilecik news: Bilecik Bozüyük County because of a program at the State Hospital Midwives Week was held.
Program Bilecik as the first Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Dr . Was a speech by Mustafa Yilmaz . Yilmaz , in his speech , midwives, doctors and nurses said it was against days . Yilmaz, \"I myself am a general secretary and as a leader , but not always myself from the team saw it as one . We CLEANING us that our brother , who performed the operation , our doctor and administration that we along with about 200 thousand people. These people Bilecik health burden together shoulders shoulders are . which one of us shoulder our little pulls another friend's backs loads more riding. shoulders Once you have another friend's right to enter Remember that . so we all sufficiently shoulder should give . these thousand 200 people, guys and gals in their day , I think that should be a. voice high in order to move the day a must say, I must be one , to laugh , to cry a must have . we together , laughed and cried could a team we can be . every passing day our numbers and occupational diversity are increasing. past, midwives , doctors and health officers had . I March 14 week health week, we celebrate as I suggested . Medicine is developing facilities . trained staff numbers are increasing. this work increases the number of hearts I hope that you will be more beautiful days . Midwifery profession is a profession that begins with the existence of human beings . To me, the most sacred in the profession is the profession of . Midwives Midwives Day celebrates our friends the world is May 5 . Hopefully together better services occasion wish to be , \"he said .
Then Eskisehir Osmangazi University ( ESOGÜ) School of Health Midwifery Assoc . Dr. . Fatma Deniz Sayıner by a slideshow accompanied midwifery profession about the importance of information given. Sayıner In his speech, \"midwifery profession is experiencing a boom period again . If you pay attention to the rhetoric of Prime Minister of cesarean delivery increases every day draws attention . It's not right to make cesarean section . The world health organization and an event that attracts the attention of organizations interested in economics . It was a shot in cesarean delivery in the world . This in turn adversely affect the health of mother and baby is . Both will affect the economic status of the country was a shot . This increase did not escape the attention of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health . The Ministry of Health is currently one of the most hard-working commission was the commission for the prevention of maternal deaths . Ministry of Health care is incredibly maternal mortality and maternal mortality are experiencing this issue in order to prevent maternal deaths in the province is assessing large-scale . Therefore, understanding the importance of the profession of midwifery and work in progress . In primary care, public health institutions will begin. Especially in reproductive health and family health centers and public hospitals and birth preparation classes will be compulsory in all there will be . Therefore, pregnant women and their partners in the preparation of the birth midwives will be forced to undertake these roles . Such a task was appraised by the Ministry of us . The most highly valued by the Ministry of Health and we are aware of our roles that we have entered an era . This is so important and special vocational re-understanding of and concern us very happy and hence ourselves to develop further to become more powerful on behalf of motivation is turning into , \"he said .
Program , Istanbul Public Hospitals Association Secretary General Mustafa Yilmaz , Hospital Manager Serkan Kadir sharp, joined hospital officials and midwives .

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